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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Kerachut Beach And Monkey Beach, Penang Island, Malaysia

Monkey Beach is situated in the Penang National Park in the North - Western Coast of the Island. It is one of the few pristine beaches left on the Island because it is not as exposed to the pollution found along the West Coast of the Island.

As its name suggests, the beach is inhabited by monkeys of the Crab-eating Macaque species. A variety of fauna and flora can be found within the park including green turtles, flying squirrels, flying lemurs and over 150 species of birds. On the beach itself the White-bellied Sea Eagle can often be spotted.

The beach can be reached either by a one and a half hour hike along the coast or by a short boat ride from the park entrance. The calm bay of Monkey Beach is considered safe for swimming, unlike many beaches on the island that are infested with jellyfish. Although it is relatively isolated, visitors to the beach are not uncommon and numbers increase especially during the summer tourist season. A further half an hour uphill hike from the beach will take visitors to the scenic lighthouse.

Last saturday, yesterday actually ( 9 june 2012), after a couple weeks planning. We as early bird on 8.00am meet at Masjid USM, main Campus. From here, about 30 minit (plus) reach to our destination - Penang National Park.

Left to right : Fadli, Sangita, Phee Li, and me.

From the main gate we start our journey to Monkey Beach by follow treking path along the jungle. But first, fill the guest form at the counter, if anything happen. Who know? injured, lost.

Then, start our a long walk more than 1 hour. No need to warm up because at the beginning, we just start with slow and easy walking.

This is the map and the path we should follow, fail doing to do this we are lost to the wild jungle. Dont worry, the path is easy to follow as many people going there. And they already build a nice trek with bridges and stairs at the extreme path.

From A, B, C and D is our destination, monkey Beach. Easy as ABC :) even child can make it, i see one family bring her child together about 3 or 4 ages. This is make the trek jam as we follow their slow movement.

'traffic jam' along the way to Monkey Beach, take a rest and snap,snap a pictures

Dont kill yourself dear huhuhu...

Monkey Beach, acting also like monkey huhuhu..

A top a big stone at Monkey Beach

Half way to Monkey Beach - USM Marin Research Jetty

3/4 way to Monkey Beach

My idea :)

Magician in action

Gravity Denied

take a rest

After a long walk, swing like tarzan, doing some stunt, jump here, jump there. My muscle look bigger :)

Ps : Pantai Kerachut ditutup ada 2 orang pelajar sekolah yang beraktiviti di sana mati lemas, 2 hari lepas.


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